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About Us

These Roots Run Deep

At Wasatch Barn Woodworking, we build pieces so you can create memories. We specialize in custom-made wooden designs that excel in both form and function. From maple charcuterie boards to hickory cabinets and from mahogany arm chairs to oak coffee tables, each piece is designed with the finest quality woods for durability, uniqueness, and beauty.

Our Mission

Build Pieces That Create Memories

Our designs are created with you in mind. Each piece handcrafted at Wasatch Barn Woodworking exemplifies a level of expertise that could only be cultivated by 20 years of experience, dedication to detail, and skillful artistic ability. Our mission is to build pieces that create memories.


Using only the finest quality materials, each piece undergoes strict quality control to ensure your happiness. When possible, materials are sourced locally with preference given to businesses following an environmental sustainability policy.  


At Wasatch Barn Woodworking, we work closely with you to design, restore, or repair an unlimited variety of wooden pieces. What can we build for you?

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